ICCACCESS making critical safety information, immediately available

The 4 “P”s to remember!

  • Plan
  • Prepare
  • Practice
  • Proficiency
♦ Use this as a training mantra for saving lives ♦


The purpose of ICC-Access is to help develop strategies to support prevention and preparedness priorities. These strategies should include guidance and action items for the protection of personnel, facilities, systems, equipment, and assets, and the continuation of essential, critical operations and services. We never want to look back after a critical incident and say; “We didn’t plan for this.”

CS Consulting Corp has a clear and unique vision of providing IP web-based security software and training solutions for those stakeholders responsible for the first line safety. In today’s world, it is critical that administrators, first responders and other critical personnel have rapid and real-time access to vital information that can save lives and mitigate property damage during emergency and multi-hazard situations such as earthquakes, flood, fires, or malevolent events such as acts of violence which have become so prevalent in today’s society.

When seconds count, First Responders can’t wait minutes for critical information and communication. ICC-Access provides your safety partners with real time immediate access to critical information such as building plans, emergency shutoffs, tactical layouts, etc.

ICC-Access also provides you with state of the art mass communication capabilities to get immediate critical information to your stakeholders. CS Consulting Corp’s team of experts provide you with accurate, reliable assessments; and, build the structure and systems you need to be prepared and ready to respond to any event through ICC-Access and technology.